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Online Business Ideas... How Do You Know If Yours Is Good?

Episode 2 of How to Start an Online Business: Is Your Business Idea Any Good?

What does a successful online business idea look like? In this video, we will discuss successful online business ideas, how to consider them, and measure their potential for success. This is the second video (Ep02) of a free online course on the topic of starting an online business in 12 weeks. In this course, we explore the exact process and what it looks like to start an online business. This course will have 60+ videos, showing exactly how to start an online business from scratch.

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During this course, I will spend 12 weeks and 60 videos, building an online business from scratch. You can watch the whole process and follow along as we go. If you would like to register on my website to track your progress, you can take this exact same free online course at me website:

On the website, this free online course is more organized and you can track your progress. The successful online business solves problems. Now, I'm not saying that your business model must solve complicated or unique problems. It's just a great way to measure your online business idea's potential. All of the most successful online businesses solve some sort of problem. It could be as simple as answering a question someone searches for, or as complex as a new online software that helps businesses with a problem.

First, it's important to understand that online businesses are completely different from "Brick and Mortar" businesses. If you start a restaurant of some kind, people in the area will often come in just because you're there and you're new. If your business provides a good product or service, they will tell others it was good and probably come back again. #onlinebusiness #wesdavis #onlinecourse

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Starting a Website is More than Just Starting a Website (5 Min)

Starting a Website

Every single online entrepreneur should look at and be aware of the bottom line and reason for having a website or blog. Countless small businesses and web entrepreneurs have an idea they really need a site, yet don't really know the reason why.

The role for a website or blog can be different depending on the business or model. Even so, there are some important functions of a website in most scenarios.

A business website should give you credibility. But also is an official place that represents your business to your potential customers.

But what good is a business website if no one ever sees it?

Getting People to See Your Website Isn't an Easy Task

When you start an online business website, improving your ranking in search engines, like Google, is without a doubt an extremely essential aspect of succeeding in any industry.

Thus, if you do not perform on search engines, people can't find your online business when they look for various things on the internet.

Therefore, the more web pages of good quality web content you include within a website, the more items there are that might pull up in a search query performed by a person.

As an example, a site that has 120 urls of good web content, is going to have a lot more possible search results than a site that only has 11 pages of unhelpful web content.

The Most Important Ranking Factors for Your Website Search Results

Whenever you first set up your website or blog, initially, you work on optimizing the website for search engines and ensuring a really good experience to your visitors.

On top of that, you ought to be sure that your site loads under 3 seconds. If your website or blog takes too long to completely load, the top search engines will probably not rank your website higher up.

Once your website is built where it needs to be, you should prioritize writing good content, plus attaining backlinks to the site from relevant websites.

The Definition of a Search Engine

In brief, a search engine is essentially an application which people use to explore the world wide web for specific websites and content.

Search engines quickly crawl the world wide web hunting for relevant sites, information, and data to deliver as results to the peoples' searches.

It is absolutely vital that your content become indexed by search engines like Bing and Google.

On top of that, if you own a website, you need to try to rank high in the results for certain phrases.

Furthermore, you must consistently make sure that you optimize it for Google. This task is referred to as Search Engines Optimization, or SEO.

SEO is among the many factors which make it feasible for a website to rank in a higher position in search engines.

Why Every Internet Marketer Uses Blogs and Content Marketing 

Content marketing is absolutely the most common and relevant method for improving your website's ranking in search engine results and getting visitors to a site.

Running a blog on your site is the most effective method to run a sustainable content marketing strategy.

Content marketing is when you work on writing content that is helpful which users can find by using a search engine.

After that, showcase your own digital product, business, or whatever you want to, with your articles.

Using Social Media To Get Website Traffic

Social media has quickly come to be an exceedingly necessary component of getting eyes on your business and website.

It's important to keep in mind that most of the time, a website's main goal is not to boost or grow your business' social media. Even though any website could possibly do this, it is not typically the major intention.

People don't typically make websites for the only purpose of sending internet users to an Instagram profile.

On the contrary, it's usually exactly the opposite. Social media is typically to promote a person, product, or online service. Consequently, your social media accounts should be used to promote your website or business.

However, there are unique scenarios in which an entrepreneur could use a website or blog subsequent to social media profiles. Notably, this gets back to something we've discussed above. Making a new website or blog only for credibility might be a great justification for maybe... a YouTuber.

To demonstrate, someone on YouTube is fixated on expanding their own YouTube videos. Consequently, they may decide to develop a video podcast style site just for the sole intention of displaying their video content, branding, and driving traffic to the YouTube video content.

Still, the above mentioned is not usually the case for the majority of different other styles of businesses on the web.

Normally, businesses launch various social media profiles for the function of Social Media Marketing.

How Social Media Marketing Works for Your Website?

Social media marketing is when a person uses social media to promote a website, business, or brand.

After all, social media is absolutely an amazing way to market to your business' potential target audience absolutely free.

Even though there are ad platforms within every single one of the various social media platforms, businesses can use social media as a low cost marketing and advertising platform as well.

Consequently, social media marketing has definitely grown into a critical component of virtually every website's marketing approach.

Why Use Social Media?

Businesses use social media to grow their audience online

So, social media is a perfect way to target your potential customers, then lead those users into becoming part of your online audience.

Growing your audience is perhaps the most vital aspect pertaining to starting a business online.

When you start growing your audience on social media, you should start moving people in your online audience to become loyal customers.

Keep in mind, social media apps are specifically developed in a way that makes targeting a specific demographic of individuals and growing your audience really simple.

Most Common Types of Business Websites

Of course, there are endless types of online businesses. Some of these online businesses are utterly original, whereas the majority are basic and even adhere to a particular style.

Now, let's look at just some of the more common types of sites and businesses on the web.

The Website for Entrepreneur Credibility 

In some cases a site's main goal is simply to just provide credibility and trust. Many experienced entrepreneurs have been discovering that although they own a number of functioning web businesses, they still should have a business website that's only about them.

Doing this is going to give them credibility in the world of online business. These particular sites are in most cases pretty straightforward. The websites have a topic specifically about a particular individual, achievements, and even include a blog.

This is yet another place for entrepreneurs to present new websites, projects, services, and news. Also, online businesses need to grow an online audience.

If you have an audience, many of your fans will likely go to your website to look up what's happening with you.

The Blog Website

Blogging by itself is definitely looked at as an internet business model. Starting a blogging website is an effective strategy to create lasting audience growth and Google ranking. It additionally gives you a very vast range of opportunities for monetizing.

Though blogging may be used in virtually any online business model to boost performance and visibility, it can also be used on its own as an online business.

Blogging sites can actually be remarkably effective. Among entrepreneurs it is well known that there are plenty of blog websites online which earn well over $10,000 every month.

Build and Sell an Online Course 

One of the best popular businesses on the web today with online entrepreneurs is the create and sell online courses model.

This is a model where you create a course to promote to other people online.

One of the reasons that this particular business model is sought-after is due to the fact it's a digital product (let me explain...). There are zero physical products associated with your business. Subsequently, your business has no shipping, keeping up with stock, or other logistics that you have to worry about.

Sell Services on Your Website 

Selling services is one of the top common purposes for launching a business website. Think about it. There are literally countless opportunities regarding what type of services that you might sell.

Look, a digital graphics person could design a website to market design services. A public relations expert could advertise his or her local business. Furthermore, a voiceover professional could offer recording services with a fast turnaround time.

Again, there are unlimited possibilities.

Furthermore, many of these types of sites won't simply market a service, but will at the same time accept payments in their web server.

Countless online business owners try to offer their services and work solely remote.

The Online Store or eCommerce Website

Starting an eCommerce website or internet store is actually very trendy right now. Nevertheless, there is actually a lot of top tier competition in this area.

As an example, your store could be forced to compete with business giants such as Amazon and Ebay.

Furthermore, there are so much more details to think about beyond merely putting together an online business and doing some marketing. In this specific online business model, you must manage and run your business.

In short, this means maintaining product inventory, shipping logistics, and so much more.

The Affiliate Marketing Website as a Business

So, Affiliate Marketing has made entrepreneurs money almost since the start of the internet. On top of that, this online business model is still a very popular business model for digital marketers.

Affiliate marketing is highly profitable and anybody is able to give it a go. Almost all affiliate marketing sites are actually some type of niche blog. Review and comparison blogs are generally among the most well-known.

Although the affiliate marketing method is a model that just about any regular person can start, it can have a lot of competition.

The most effective tactic to approach affiliate marketing is to identify a niche out there in which a need has not been filled.


Starting a website is a lot more work than just starting the website... This means, once you have completely gotten your website exactly how you want it, that's just the beginning.

You have to get people to your website for it to be of any use. Believe me, that's the hard part.

So, keep in mind that you have a lot of content promotion, social media marketing, and optimization to do to start to get users to visit your website.

Rank in Search Engines with Content Marketing

Rank in Search Engines with Content Marketing

Every internet marketer knows the power of content marketing and the importance of ranking in search engines like Google. If you are an online business owner, understanding this relationship is essential to the success of your online business.

With that said, let's discuss the importance of search engine ranking and how it affects your content marketing.

People Find Your Content When You Rank in Search Engine Results

Ranking in the search results has become a crucial part of owning a successful website.

It's a simple concept. If you don't rank in Google, users can't search for and find your website when they perform a Google search.

The more web pages of good quality content you include on your website, the more URLs there are to be indexed by the Google search engine.

This means there will be more pages on your website that pull up when someone performs a search relevant to one of your pages.

Look at this example.

So, let's say a website that has 400 pages of quality information that Google can crawl. This website has a lot more possible search results, than a website that only has 8 posts of short, low quality content.

Target the Top Search Engines Ranking Factors

Whenever you first develop your site, at first, you need to emphasize optimizing the website for results and producing a good end-user experience for your visitor.

Be sure you have a website that loads really fast. If it takes more than 5 seconds to load a page, Google (and other search engines) see that as a poor user experience and will rank your website as lower quality.

Furthermore, you will lose a huge amount of your potential web traffic. If you have a slow website, most users that click on your search result will leave before the page loads.

Get a decent web hosting service that's fast. Then use a caching plugin on your website like W3 Total Cache.

Then you need to work on consistently developing fresh, new, helpful, quality content for your website.

After you have at least 7 or 8 pages of good content live on your website, you will need to build some backlinks to that content. Make sure you are getting backlinks from other high quality websites.

Your backlink profile is a really important part of ranking high in Google.

NEVER PAY for backlinks. Google hates this and will punish your website if they find out.

What are Search Engines and Why Do They Function?

Briefly, a search engine is simply a web-based application which people use to surf the web for websites and information.

Search engines thoroughly crawl the internet looking for trusted sites, web content, and details to deliver as search results to users' queries.

All of your content must get indexed in search engines like Google.

Additionally, if you have a website, you want to try to rank well in the search engine results for precise keywords and search phrases.

When you have a website, you should consistently ensure that you work on optimizing it for search engines. This is called Search Engines Optimization, or SEO.

SEO is among the top ranking factors which make it achievable for your site to rank in a better position in search engines.

Content Marketing is the Ultimate Marketing Strategy

Content marketing is among the most well-known and valuable strategies for improving your rank in search results and getting visitors to your site.

Starting a blog on your site is an ideal way to kick off a long-term content marketing strategy.

Content marketing is literally when you focus on publishing any type of good content that people can find via a search engine. This content should be helpful and useful to users.

Then you can use that content to plug your own product, service, brand, or whatever you want. Basically, market your stuff in your content.

Most of the time, whatever you are marketing should be relevant to the topic of the content. For example, don't market an accounting software in content that has nothing to do with finance, accounting, or software.


You can rank in search engines with content marketing by being consistent, producing quality content, having a fast website, and properly building your backlink profile.

Content marketing is a great way to rank your website in the search engines and get traffic to your website without paying for advertising.